The concept behind the Hard Garden project is to bring forward all that’s appealing and meaningful about deep blues and give it a more contemporary feel. The blues is not unlike an old plot of land that was once fertile but has suffered from neglect over the years, and become a hard garden.
A Hard Garden is a place that once was vibrant and popular, but over time became an urban wilderness on the wrong side of the money. It silently dreams of renewal and regeneration as life soars and spreads around it. It’s time will come again

Son Jack Jr.


Son Jack Jr. is an award winning guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer who has achieved widespread acclaim since hitting the Seattle blues scene in 2006. In this time he has released two solo albums and a third album in collaboration with Michael Wilde.

Garrett Williams


Garrett Williams is a Cornish College of Arts trained musician and has been playing Jazz, Funk and Blues all over the globe since the age of 14. He is a multi-award winning engineer, musician and producer, and released his first album in 2010.

Michael Wilde


Michael Wilde is a native of New York, and has spent over 30 years performing and teaching blues harmonica. He is a multi-award winning musician, singer and songwriter with numerous recording credits to his name.